One tree planted for every order!

Hey there, welcome to Paper & Bean


Little things for happy homes

Immersing ourselves in our little girl's world of imagination is so refreshing. Watching a folded piece of card become a slide for a tiny toy, a wooden spoon turn into the most delicious ice cream, a small box into a bracelet and the happiness and time spent exploring and learning through play is really heartwarming.

At Paper & Bean we're very content with the simplest of things; it's why we don't overcomplicate our designs. With an emphasis on slow living, we aim to capture the moments that truly matter, celebrating each stage of childhood with our playful characters, here to encourage the imaginations of curious little learners as you make memories enjoying playtime as a family.

We appreciate every moment we spend with our little one. From the day she was born, watching her development over weeks, months and years is amazing, and fast! She's the inspiration behind new designs so you'll notice our product range growing alongside her.


Playful learning through eco-conscious design

We're an eco-conscious brand, mindful of the impact we have on our environment as we're keen on helping to make it a healthy and happy place for our little ones to grow up on. We only use natural materials that are kind to our planet, complemented by our warm, earthy colour palette inspired by outdoor adventures and play with our little explorer. 

We’re also planting a tree for every product purchased through our website. You can watch the progress of our tree planting, find out more about the climate projects we’re supporting and keep up with our carbon footprint reduction here.

All of our products are designed and made in the UK.

Where did the name Paper & Bean come from?

Pure contentment and feeling relaxed sitting looking through a book or magazine (paper) with a coffee in hand (bean); it's as simple as that! It's how a lot of time was spent when creating the whole brand. It also now relates to the brand with paper referring to our printed products and bean being a reference to little people!