Planet friendly

our products

We spend a lot of time researching into the suppliers we use and the brands we offer to make sure they follow our sustainability and ethical values of reducing our impact on the environment.

our packaging

Your orders are shipped in either a 100% recyclable kraft mailing box or biodegradable mailing bag. Our mailing bags are made from a compostable starch-based polymer, complying with the European compostable standard EN13432. Our branded stickers are printed on uncoated paper and are 100% recycled.

Even the stamp we use to stamp our logo is made from sustainable and ethically-sourced beech wood. The actual stamp part is made from polymer which, compared to natural rubber, the manufacturing process uses around 95% less electricity, produces about 67% less waste material and there are no noxious fumes produced. Hooray!

carbon offset

By the beginning of 2023 we had offset over 14 tonnes of CO2e! You can see a breakdown of the projects we have supported through our partnership with Ecologi here.