Planet friendly products & packaging

We spend a lot of time researching into the suppliers we use for printing and producing our products to make sure they follow our sustainability and ethical values of reducing our impact on the environment.

Flash cards

Our Alphabet and Number Flash Cards are printed onto FSC Certified paper stock and finished with biodegradable matte laminate, making them durable enough for little hands. We work with a sustainable printing company who's been recognised by the industry gold standard Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 accreditation. They use carbon neutral manufacturing processes and run on 100% renewable energy along with having their own bank of 200 solar panels producing 100,000 kWh p/a!

Their HP Indigo printing models have their own built in recycling unit to clean and recondition the printing oil. This in turn saves around 30 litres of waste per week. The presses are powered by solar panels on the roof, generating their own power and making their operation carbon neutral. 

Milestone cards

Our Monthly Moments Cards are printed using vegetable-based, vegan friendly inks onto FSC Certified paper stock. The printing company we use is based in the UK and uses sustainable processes and materials. They are FSC Certified, ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 14001 Certified and 100% Green Energy Certified. They are also affiliated with the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme and Forest Carbon and all of the paper they use is Zero Carbon. We think that's pretty good!

Art prints

We print our Art Prints with a planet friendly printing company whose warehouse and offices run on 100% renewable electricity (solar, wind and hydro) and their gas usage is carbon offset. Our designs are printed onto uncoated papers made from 100% recycled materials. The inks used are non toxic and are made from organic biomass within a dry toner press system which complies with standard de-inking and recycling processes. Our art prints are sent out to us via carbon neutral delivery. 

Wooden products

We work with other small UK businesses to produce our Wooden Products. Our designs are laser cut onto environmentally-friendly FSC Certified natural birch plywood.

Sticker sheets

Our Sticker Sheets, when applied, are 100% recyclable or biodegradable. They're made using 100% recycled face material and water based, recycling compatible acrylic with no volatile organic compounds. The backing of the sticker sheets is made from a siliconised kraft which is a little tricky to recycle at household recycling sites. Silicone is inert and free of toxins so is better off composted. And, if all that wasn't enough, as with our art prints, our sticker sheets are sent out to us via carbon neutral delivery. Woohoo!

Our packaging

We use 100% cotton drawstring bags to give you storage for your flash cards, our Monthly Moments cards come in a recyclable kraft box and our art prints are packaged in compostable clear bags

Our sticker sheets are packaged in fully biodegradable and compostable biofilm bags which have been accredited to 'OK biobased' and DIN EN13432. They're made from annually renewable PLA derived from corn / potato starch, meaning they break down to CO2, water and compost that can then be reused in the ecosystem to make new plants - yay! This will happen during at home composting but the process is much quicker in commercial composting or landfill. 

Where necessary we wrap your order in Geami die-cut kraft paper. Your orders are shipped in either a 100% recyclable kraft envelope or kraft mailing box with biodegradable mailing bag. Our mailing bags are made from a compostable starch-based polymer, complying with the European compostable standard EN13432. Our branded stickers are printed on uncoated paper and are 100% recycled.

Even the stamp we use to stamp our logo is made from sustainable and ethically-sourced beech wood. The actual stamp part is made from polymer which, compared to natural rubber, the manufacturing process uses around 95% less electricity, produces about 67% less waste material and there are no noxious fumes produced. Hooray!