our story

it's nice to meet you

Hello! I'm Jen, creator of Paper & Bean. We're all about bringing you quality and affordable toys and gifts, for 0-5 year olds, that are kind to our planet and delivered in a positive and playful way. We carefully handpick our collections to offer products that will engage and educate your little ones in creative and imaginative play through each developmental stage they're at. 


how we started

When me and my husband wanted to start a family, it turned out not to be so easy. We ended up going through IVF so to minimise stress, work around appointments and focus on what really mattered, I quit my job in magazine publishing and went freelance. The days I was at home I started setting up Paper & Bean - it was a distraction from talk about eggs, pessaries and syringes! We were really lucky with the IVF process and feel so grateful to now have our little girl.  


She's the inspiration behind everything we do now at Paper & Bean. Her development sparks ideas for new products that she'll engage with, things to encourage her inquisitiveness and the want to learn. Our collections are the simple base for curious minds to get creative, build imagination and learn through make believe play.