Plastic free packaging

Biodegradable film bags

Our art prints are packaged in fully biodegradable and compostable biofilm bags which have been accredited to 'OK biobased' and DIN EN13432. They're made from annually renewable PLA derived from corn / potato starch, meaning they break down to CO2, water and compost that can then be reused in the ecosystem to make new plants - yay! This will happen during at home composting but the process is much quicker in commercial composting or landfill. 


Eco-friendly shipping

Where necessary we wrap your order in Geami die-cut kraft paper. Your orders are shipped in either a 100% recyclable kraft envelope or kraft mailing box with biodegradable mailing bag. Our mailing bags are made from a compostable starch-based polymer, complying with the European compostable standard EN13432.

Our branded stickers are printed on uncoated paper and are 100% recycled. The promotional material inside your orders is printed on a recycled matte paper stock.

paper and bean branded cotton bag stamped logo eco-friendly




Even the stamp we use to stamp our logo is made from sustainable and ethically-sourced beech wood. The actual stamp part is made from polymer which, compared to natural rubber, the manufacturing process uses around 95% less electricity, produces about 67% less waste material and there are no noxious fumes produced. Hooray!