What you can do for Earth Day

What you can do for Earth Day

Earth Day? What's that? It's on the 22nd of April every year and is a way to remind us of the environmental challenges the Earth is faced with every day, and to encourage us to all do our bit to help better our planet and its ecosystems. This year, the theme is Restore our Earth. No matter how small or big, every step we make towards helping our planet is, well, helping our planet, so here's a few things you could try.  

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1/ Live local

I mean if a pandemic and lockdown hasn't given us enough encouragement to support our local economies, I'm not sure what will! Have you discovered a farmer's market local to you? Or why not cut down your carbon footprint even further and try to grow your own veg at home? You could even start a herb garden on your windowsill too. 

2/ Shop consciously

Think about who and where you're buying from - is it an eco-friendly brand with ethical values? Do they use recycled / recyclable materials? Is your purchase helping the planet in any way through, for example, plant a tree schemes? 

3/ Don't waste food!

The more we waste and put in the bin, the more CO2 is created in landfills. To get around this, pop any food waste on the compost and it will act as a natural fertiliser, or, even better, just eat the food before it goes off!

4/ Be more energy efficient

You don't need to go installing solar panels to make a difference to how efficiently you run your home. Simply switch off the TV, turn off the lights or do one less wash a week. If you wanted to go a step further, insulating your walls and draught proofing your windows will instantly reduce heat loss, not only keeping your energy bills low but it will also reduce your carbon emissions too. 


Let us know if you'll be making any of these changes in the comments below.



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