Sure, we all love a holiday but what if we could enjoy relaxing without the need to book a ticket abroad? A yoga class maybe, watching something on Netflix (or more likely just scrolling through for an hour), sitting with a good magazine, or one of the four books you're halfway through, and a coffee... That being exactly what I was doing when Paper & Bean came about and got its name.

Paper & Bean began after I got a nephew. He was learning from everything around him and I found that amazing to watch. Then I thought what would he prefer for his 2nd birthday (the 1st had already, somehow, been and gone) - something made by Auntie or a toy tractor with sound effects, rotating wheels, complete with farmer and animals too? I mean, the latter without a doubt, but I wanted to put the effort into making something so designing 26 animals I thought would be a pretty close second best.

The animal alphabet was born. A bear in a bow tie, a cheeky monkey with his balloon, a zebra wearing a party hat; every letter accompanied by a character full of personality ready to take your little ones on the wildest of adventures.

Now with my little girl on the scene and being inspired by her everyday, our collection is growing from milestone cards to nursery prints, each product designed simply, using neutral colours to add style to your space and an element of calm to a home full of kiddy chaos! And we wouldn't have it any other way.