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2022 Our values


We spend a lot of time getting our colours just right for each product. There's a certain tone and earthy palette that we follow so that our collections reflect the outdoors and nature play that our little ones 

We're a simple brand where simple things are what we appreciate - it's reflected in our designs 

slow living

Nordic, danish, scandi is our inspiration. 

Our products celebrate moments of our children as they grow up. Our newborn collection celebrates our little ones entering the world and our playful designs aim to engage with the

It's so heartwarming watching our little girl playing, her curiosity and imagination of turning a cardboard box into a home for xxx,  into a slide for her teddies, a wooden toy into an ice lolly and  Her development is a constant inspiration for playful new products that she'll engage with and learn from - our collections are the simple base for curious minds to be creative and build imagination. imaginative play

Our collections act as a base for our little ones imagination to run free.

Products with a minimal design style

We keep things simple here. Our branding and our designs all reflect the enjoyment we create as a family in the simplest of things every day.

Watching our little ones use their imagination is quite special - they make up enjoyable scenes from the simplest of things.