One tree planted for every order!

Behind the brand

Hello! I'm Jen. Before starting Paper & Bean I worked as an Art Director in magazines, designing pages, mag covers and directing photoshoots. In 2017 my nephew was born and I found it amazing watching how quickly he was learning. I decided I wanted to create something for him that he'd find exciting but that he'd also learn from at the same time - and something that he wouldn't outgrow within a month!

I thought animals was a good place to start. I started drawing some ideas, found my style and designed a bear character. I carried on illustrating lots of animals before realising I was going to turn the designs into flash cards, and by the time I'd finished them they became my nephew's 2nd birthday present. And they'd also been named the Paper & Bean Animal Alphabet Flash Cards.



The idea of turning the flash cards into a brand came about when me and my husband wanted to start a family and it turned out not to be so easy. We ended up going through IVF so to work around appointments and to minimise stress I quit my job and went freelance.

The days I was at home I started setting up Paper & Bean - it was a distraction from talk about eggs, pessaries and syringes! In July 2019 I launched our website. We were really lucky with the IVF process and feel so grateful to now have our little girl. I launched our Monthly Moments Cards the week she was born and was posting content on Instagram while changing that first tar poo in hospital! I fit in work where I can around looking after our little one to make this small business grow.



The inspiration for our products has followed the journey of our little girl. We want to celebrate every moment - her arrival into the world, a little home for her baby clothes to hang, prints and decor for her bedroom, and always something to encourage her inquisitiveness and the want to learn. As our designs follow her development and what she's interested in, you'll notice our product range growing alongside her.